Modern and well-known flavors of Europe.
More cream, more chocolate,
more nuts, more fruits,
more of the real, crafted ice creams.

...inspired by summer.

The history of ice cream is varied. It has taken centuries for people to figure out how to make a really good ice cream. The very first written mention of the production of ice cream is from antiquity, more precisely from today's China, 3,000 years before our date. Perhaps from here, many centuries later, Marco Polo brought a recipe for creamed ice cream that has brought forth today's famous

Italian ice cream.


Our ice cream offer

Packaging of 2x2,4 liters

Bidfood company has brought to the Czech market a new ice cream brand called La Panna. This is the premium quality ice cream available in several flavors high in cream, milk and fruits. La Panna is made exclusively of the finest ingredients with focus on the traditional Italian recipe and technology. Get a chance to taste our world-famous flavors and get attracted by La Panna ice cream decorations, unique on the Czech market.



delicious vanilla ice cream
with cream



excellent chocolate ice cream
with chocolate topping



unique strawberry ice cream
of two kinds of strawberry flavor


Pecan nuts with honey

excellent creamy ice cream
with honey topping
and pieces of pecan nuts

Creme Brulee

Crème Brûlée

great creamy ice cream
with a favorite flavor
of Crème brûlée and pieces of caramel


Lemon Cheesacake

delicious creamy ice cream
with a taste of lemons
and Cheesecake flavor


Carrot Cheesecake

delicious creamy ice cream
with carrot cake flavour

After eight

Mint with chocolate

refreshing mint ice cream
with chocolate flakes

Strawberry Sorbet

Strawberry Sorbet

exceptional ice cream
with strawberry sorbet flavor

Lemon Sorbet

Lemon Sorbet

exceptional ice cream
with lemon sorbet flavor

Mango Sorbet

Mango Sorbet

exceptional ice cream
with mango sorbet flavor

Rapsberry Sorbet

Rapsberry Sorbet

exceptional ice cream
with rapsberry sorbet flavor

After eight

Salted Caramel

unusual taste combination
of creamy ice cream and salted caramel

Real Pistacchio

Real Pistacchio

delicious creamy ice cream
made from real pistachios

Red Fruits

Red Fruits

sorbet combining
the taste of blueberries
and black currants

Attractive luxury packaging

2x2,4 liters

Máta - čokoláda
Créme Brulee

Get inspired by the Masters


Holidays in Rome

2x Vanilla, 1x Strawberry, berries,
whipped cream, strawberry topping, wafer


The life is Beautiful

1x Vanilla, 2x Pecan walnut with honey, bananas,
hazelnuts, whipped cream, chocolate topping, wafer


Romeo & Juliet

1x Vanilla, 1x Chocolate, 1x Strawberry,
strawberries, chopped almonds,
whipped cream, wafer



2x Mint with chocolate, 1x Vanilla,
broken chocolate, whipped cream,
wafer, chocolate topping

Creme Brulee

Sicilian clan

1x Vanilla, 2x Chocolate,
broken chocolate, whipped cream, wafer


Sweet life

2x Cream and Brownies, 1x Vanilla,
mango, chopped, roasted hazelnuts,
whipped cream, wafer


Prima ice creams are produced and supplied by the Bidfood Czech Republic that belongs to the International Bidcorp company, the second largest food distributor for gastronomy in the world.

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